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CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Survey – a conditional drainage survey carried out using either push rod or operator controlled crawler units to survey the internal condition of a below ground drainage pipe.

Our CCTV survey units are equipped with the latest on-board CCTV survey systems as well as high pressure jetting and cleaning facilities enabling us to clean pipes prior to inspection. Our systems range from push rod right through to mainline crawler units with pan and tilt capabilities, enabling full drainage surveys including lateral connection surveys.

Pushrod systems enable us to survey smaller drains and allow us to operate where access is restricted such as in residential gardens and secluded areas or courtyards easily and effectively, giving our survey teams the flexibility to complete the surveys even in difficult situations.

All recorded images are assessed by qualified surveyors to identify structural defects as well as blockages which can affect the performance of the drainage system.

All recordings are produced and provided to the client in a clear DVD format and graded in accordance with WRC specifications, along with hard copies of the coded report including still images of the faults, clearly detailing the structural condition of the pipeline to industry standards.

We are able to offer our clients recommendations as to not only the cause but the remedy of the problems viewed and recorded. We are also able to offer a full repair service, from relaying through to pipe bursting - we can tailor packages to suit all sites, budgets and needs.

  • Surveys from 100mm pipes to main sewers and culverts
  • Mainline colour pan and tilt cameras and portable equipment for remote locations
  • Onboard jetting / pipe cleaning facilities
  • Systems for hazardous environments
  • Immediate results, with validated graded reports.

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