Specialist in Land & Utility Surveyors

Electronic Cross Section Scans

Electronic cross section scan is a utility survey of a small area of approximately 3m x 3m.

Our tailor made approach to utility mapping and ongoing attitude to offering the client 'what they want' has meant we now provide the electronic cross section scan as an alternative to the standard utility mapping survey request.

This service is now becoming more and more popular especially in built up areas due to its non-intrusive method of data collection. Using the GPR radar and RFL radio frequency locators an area normally of no more than 3m x 3m is scanned to locate underground utilities.

A scan area photograph will be taken and used along with the gathered cross section information which will be produced in electronic format to ensure the client has an excellent record of the scan site. Aerial photography can also be included for the electronic cross section scan to provide that extra detail.

With the sites being smaller in size we are able to scan several a day (depending on their proximity to each other) offering the client excellent value for money.

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