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Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building survey: a survey to produce plans of the building. Such a survey may be conducted before renovation works, for commercial purpose, or at the end of the construction process an "as built survey".

We are able to undertake a variety of measured building related surveys on properties ranging from residential to commercial properties.

We offer.

  • Floor Plans
  • Lease Plans
  • Area Plans
  • Elevations
  • Cross Sections
  • Roof Plans

All levels of control can be utilised, for the most, our surveys are controlled by total station, this ensures that the end results are highly accurate and true whatever the shape of the survey.

With reflectorless technology we can survey building elevations safely and accurately, coupled with the use of new technologies and photo corrective software our elevation surveys are some of the best available in the UK today.

Floor plans, measured and recorded onto tablet PC's, these give the engineers instant visual information, with the added benefits of running its own onboard calculations checking for errors, the tablet software will alert the engineer to any potential errors encountered.

The final survey is produced and issued in AutoCAD and available in a variety of usable formats, allowing the end user to be able to view and use the information in a variety of ways.

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