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We pride ourselves on providing the best information to our clients. To provide the best we train to the best standards and use the very latest and best in technologies.


Electromagnetic locators such as the RD4000 from Radiodetection and the FM 9890 from Seba enable us to locate metallic services such as power cables, cast iron mains both Gas and Water and telecommunication cables.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR Radars such as the GSSI and both the easy locator and Ramac systems from Mala allow us to confirm the location of utilities already discovered and locate the non-metallic utilities such as PE water and gas mains along with fibre-optics previously undetected by the use of electromagnetic locators only. The combination of the two technologies gives us the best information to give you.


With the latest in survey equipment from Topcon UK we can fully survey sites accurately providing clients with all the site information that they require, from spot heights to street furniture types and positions.

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