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Topographical Surveys

Topographical/land survey is a survey showing a detailed picture of a piece of land. It depicts the topography or the "lay of the land".

At Utilimap Limited we can provide architects, developers and contractors accurate drawings of their site or land. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver an accurate high quality drawing meeting our client's needs and requirements.

Sites range from Brownfield to roads, residential areas, shopping centres, industrial sites and petrochemical sites.


The drawing, given in either two dimensional or 3 dimensional form, provides the precise location of static features such as buildings, kerb lines, fences, trees, street furniture and service covers. This is combined with height levels and/or contours to aid in design and development. All features are shown to a level of detail and scale appropriate to the individual project.

Generally by using GPS surveys can be related to National Grid and Datum. Every surveyed point is positioned in 3 dimensions allowing drawings to be shown with contours and spot levels which then allow us to produce accurate ground models and 3D visualisation.

We use dedicated software to turn site data into a visual representation of the areas surveyed. The finished drawing is then provided to the client swiftly in digital AutoCAD format by e-mail. Please let us know if your requirements are different to this.

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Topographical Surveys