Specialist in Land & Utility Surveyors

Underground Utility Mapping

An underground utility survey locates buried underground utilities. All located services are marked up on the ground using either bio-degradable spray paint or crayon and surveyed by our specialist team to provide a detailed plan to the client showing the accurate location of any located buried service or feature.

At Utilimap we realise the importance and need for good reliable utility mapped information.

Relying on existing utility records can often cause confusion rather than provide answers. Out of date records, natural ground movement, relays, and diverts all add to the confusion of identifying underground utilities.


The benefits from obtaining accurate information prior to work commencing on site or, during any project are:

  • Detect underground utilities before you dig
  • Improve site safety and reduce risk of injury to personnel
  • Reduce costly delays ensuring project remains on schedule
  • Have a clear knowledge of where utility runs are and which areas are highly congested

The Equipment

We provide comprehensive utility mapping surveys using the latest technology.

Electromagnetic locators enable us to locate metallic services such as power cables, cast iron mains and telecommunication cables.

Ground penetrating radar systems allow us to confirm the position of utilities already discovered and locate the non-metallic utilities previously undetected by the use of electromagnetic locators.

The site is then surveyed using the latest survey equipment to enable us to provide you with a CAD file showing clearly the utilities on your site.


All our surveyors receive comprehensive training from both external and in-house training sources, have completed SPA training, NRSWRA & Confined Space training and have been CRB checked. In addition, all our Supervisors have completed IOSH Managing Safely and/or Site Safety Supervisors Training.

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