Specialist in Land & Utility Surveyors

Vacuum Excavation

The vacuum excavation division is a specialist division within Utilimap Ltd designed to complement the existing services and increase the accuracy and level of confidence in the underground surveying and identification of underground utilities.

Our Vacuum excavators are either trailer mounted for use in smaller areas, to lorry mounted systems for larger applications.

Our systems use a vacuum to remove loose debris from either a trial hole some 3-4" in diameter to slit trenches. All is achieved via a debris collection hose, our systems can remove the debris either dry or wet, giving us the advantage of being able to work in loose sandy material or even in heavy, dense clays.

With the use of Vacuum excavation we can:-

  • Reduce damage to underground utilities
  • Increase productivity and dig faster and safer than by hand
  • Maintain good health and safety records
  • Reduce site costs, in time and damage over conventional digging methods
  • Reduce legal and environmental issues
  • Reduce service strikes and bad publicity
  • No spoil on site, less disruption
  • Wet and dry systems can allow national coverage in all grounds

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